Bottle of Clouds 

I found Bottle of Clouds a few months ago while browsing through Instagram and immediately fell in love with the Yeti brooch!… well, everything that Min makes actually. 

I wanted to place an order as soon as I found the awesome cuteness but her shop was on vacation so I had to *patiently* wait, so I kept checking etsy over and over!    

 When I got my package in the mail I was so freaking excited, and when I opened the box my excitement was even greater! Not only did I see my adorable yeti, but there was also an extra brooch that has “Made for Ana” engraved on its back. I mean, come on, I almost cried of excitement! It’s the little details like these that make me want to support handmade even more. The attention to the clients and the love of art is displayed all over the final product.  

This was something that I had to share with all of you! You definitely need to go check out Min’s work here and follow her on Instagram here for shop/product updates! Put a brooch on that purse, backpack, leather jacket, sweater, who knows where else, but you definitely cannot pass on this cuteness! And did I mention she also makes necklaces and earrings? She has these awesome broccoli earrings that might have to be my next purchase :) 

 *this post is not sponsored. 

January faves

I can’t believe that January 2016 already came and went. Just like that, in the blink of an eye it’s gone. This year has already started with the right foot though. We’ve been making some changes around the house, have some trips planned, and have discovered some great stuff!

Like this candle. Seriously one of the best candles I’ve ever bought. I can’t wait to buy it again and again… And I’m sure that’s going to have to happen pretty soon considering we light it at least twice a day! I’m not even kidding, you will thank me later. Neither the tobacco nor the patchouli are overwhelming, I would say it’s a really nice, healthy combination of both creating its own scent.   

One of my newest goals is to start writing everything down again. My habit of documenting everything I did every day started back in 2009 or so and then it stopped in 2014, but I really miss doing that. It’s just so much fun to go back to those journals and read what I did the year before. I guess that’s just a quirk of mine but I’ve decided to rediscover it and that’s why I bought this planner. I’ve known about Rifle Paper Co for so long but this is the first time I’ve bought from them. They had a sale and next thing I know I had a planner, a very needed phone case and a recipe box! Bottom line is, I’m having so much fun documenting my days again!   

But a candle and a planner are not the only cool things about January, I mean, I dyed my hair back to brown and cut it reeeeeal short! I know you can’t see the full haircut in this photo but I’ll make sure to take some more soon :)

Also, Mat and I went on our first bike ride of the year the other night, which I don’t have pictures of but I’m sure I’ll take some next time!

Do you like to write? Or do you have a weird little quirk/habit that you enjoy? What are some of the things (material or not) that you’ve discovered (or rediscovered) this year so far? Let me know in the comments! Can’t wait to hear from you guys :)


I’ve missed my blog a lot lately! The last few months have been a roller coaster. Some of you know I (and Mat) was going through a theology class, so that was very time consuming, then the holidays, then blablabla… 

Anyway, I’m back at it now, so thank you so much to all of you patient, beautiful people for still being here! :) I’m so thankful to have this outlet of expression and inspiration! Here are some pictures I’ve been taking lately, follow me on Instagram (@thecolorsofana) for more!

The Verrazano bridge in New York during the holidays 
I love jelly fish! These were so cool at the aquarium a few weeks ago :)  

Been playing around with this camera lately! Mat’s aunt gave it to me, brand “new” from back in the day!  

Wearing my Miss Patina button down and playing with tiny dried flowers    

I love how the sun enters our home! Such great light!  

New bad boys!  

Just being comfy and trying to stop being so scared of taking selfies :)