Hipsterdom is dead, people




Top: PacSun | Pants: Cotton On | Shoes: Dr Martens | Brallette: Zumies

Apparently the new thing is to be a yuccie. Yuccies are pretty much civilized hipsters (more centered in reality and responsible, haha!). While hipsters wouldn’t actually admit being hipsters, yuccies don’t mind it.  

I never identified myself as anything because I don’t like putting myself in a box. I like whatever I like and I dress however I dress. So even though I never liked the definition of hipster, I’m never going to tell you to stop being one if that’s who you really are. I’m also not going to tell you to start being a yuccie now, or whatever term people come up with in the future. What I AM going to tell you is to analyze yourself, do some soul searching or whatever you need to do, and find the real YOU. Stop following pointless trends just because. Create your own :)