The perfect Valentine’s Day bra

Alright ladies, let’s talk Valentine’s Day outfits. I’ll probably wear a pair of jeans/leggings and a nice top. Regardless of what you do that day, you want that outfit to be perfect, right? I do. I’m very picky with my outfits so in reality I want every one of them to look great whether there’s something to celebrate or not. 

The one thing that I feel like I can never get right is my bra. I’m not kidding, long gone are the days when the perfect combination of pretty yet comfortable bras didn’t mean anything to me. I’ve tried multiple brands, cheap and expensive, and I still can’t find something that fits as if it was made for me. 

Third Love created a Valentine’s Day bra quiz and it felt like heaven sent. If you haven’t heard of them before, they are a bra company and you should totally check out their bra collection. All you have to do is answer some questions about the type of outfit you’ll be wearing, what you’ll be doing and with whom, and it tells you what type of bra you should wear that day! Whether if it’s a date with yourself, your #squad, or the love of your life, this quiz will help you find the perfect fit.

Mine was the 24/7 Strap Happy. Classic with an edge, which I would say it’s totally me! Get started on that Valentine’s Day quiz, then go checkout their website to get yourself that perfect VDay bra to complete your outfit and get 15% off your purchase by entering VALENTINE15 at checkout all through 2/29/2016

I already got myself signed up for their free trial too!

Bottle of Clouds 

I found Bottle of Clouds a few months ago while browsing through Instagram and immediately fell in love with the Yeti brooch!… well, everything that Min makes actually. 

I wanted to place an order as soon as I found the awesome cuteness but her shop was on vacation so I had to *patiently* wait, so I kept checking etsy over and over!    

 When I got my package in the mail I was so freaking excited, and when I opened the box my excitement was even greater! Not only did I see my adorable yeti, but there was also an extra brooch that has “Made for Ana” engraved on its back. I mean, come on, I almost cried of excitement! It’s the little details like these that make me want to support handmade even more. The attention to the clients and the love of art is displayed all over the final product.  

This was something that I had to share with all of you! You definitely need to go check out Min’s work here and follow her on Instagram here for shop/product updates! Put a brooch on that purse, backpack, leather jacket, sweater, who knows where else, but you definitely cannot pass on this cuteness! And did I mention she also makes necklaces and earrings? She has these awesome broccoli earrings that might have to be my next purchase :) 

 *this post is not sponsored. 

My first DressLink experience | Part 1

Ever since I found DressLink I had been very curious to order from them, so I was pretty excited when they contacted me to partner with them to share my favorite items from their shop! 

I decided to break it up in two posts to be able to focus a bit better on the clothing items they sent me.   

The first item is this adorable peachy sweater. I was extremely surprised at the quality, it’s so much better than expected! It’s heavy, warm, and very flattering!      

The cut of this sweater is just as cute as its texture and so easy to dress up or down. There’s so much to it and being that it’s really warm, I didn’t even need a jacket over it when I wore on my date night with Mat. I know this piece will definitely be one of my new go-to’s for the season!     

*Purse is from asos

**Sweater was provided by DressLink but all opinions are my own :)