My DressLink experience | Pt 2

As I said it in my previous post, I had been very interested to order from DressLink. This is the other top I got from our collaboration and I have to say, I simply love it. 

 The fabric is so smooth and I just have this thing for loose tops with leggings and booties. They make the perfect combination for fall. This one is actually long sleeve but I preferred to raise the sleeves to give it a 3/4 look since it’s still not cold in Texas!    

 I’ve never been the biggest fan of animal prints on my clothes but ever since I saw this blouse I was extremely curious to give it a try. Plus, Mat loves it on me so that’s double the points!   

Overall, my first DressLink experience was great (and I still have one little finishing touch to show you!). Fast shipping, great service, and good quality considering their deals and low prices (but that’s just another plus, right?)!!! 

*Top was courtesy of DressLink but all opinions are my own.

My first DressLink experience | Part 1

Ever since I found DressLink I had been very curious to order from them, so I was pretty excited when they contacted me to partner with them to share my favorite items from their shop! 

I decided to break it up in two posts to be able to focus a bit better on the clothing items they sent me.   

The first item is this adorable peachy sweater. I was extremely surprised at the quality, it’s so much better than expected! It’s heavy, warm, and very flattering!      

The cut of this sweater is just as cute as its texture and so easy to dress up or down. There’s so much to it and being that it’s really warm, I didn’t even need a jacket over it when I wore on my date night with Mat. I know this piece will definitely be one of my new go-to’s for the season!     

*Purse is from asos

**Sweater was provided by DressLink but all opinions are my own :)

Miss Patina

I recently discovered the store Miss Patina and I would be lying if I told you I didn’t fall in love with literally every single thing on their website. I had some clothes money so I went ahead and placed an order of some of my favorite clothing items. Included were this skirt and jacket. The skirt is actually a set sold separately (I also ordered the blouse, which you can see on my Instagram here), and so is the jacket! I can’t wait to wear the skirt with the jacket, they’re probably some of my most favorite things in my wardrobe at the moment.  

Also, these booties are from Zappos and I love them! They’re either really, really comfortable or all of my other shoes are horrible for my feet haha! 

Wearing: Miss Patina skirt, Miss Patina jacket, Francesca’s sweater, Sam Edelman booties (via Zappos but also found in Nordstrom).