Dresslink wish listΒ 

I recently discovered Dress Link, a website that sells women’s clothes, accessories and more for really affordable prices. 

I went through their website and thought it would be fun to show you three of the things that I want! 

I had shown you the tote version of this cat before and they sell the coin purse as well! 

This tiger sweater dress! I’m not the biggest fan of animal prints unless the actual animal is shown (I know, I’m weird!), so this sweater dress is right up my alley! I picture myself wearing it with black leggings and ankle boots *heart eyes*

 And how incredibly adorable is this pink sweater? I’m enjoying looking for fall/winter garments so much and they also have it in blue, red, black and beige!   

I hope I get these in the mail soon! :)

PS: I’m sure you noticed, but I just gave my blog a new look, I hope you guys like it!

*This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own :)

MOW Faves

I completely skipped last week’s favorites, so to make it up to you, I’m pretty sure today’s list is gonna blow your mind. Hopefully. 

Unicorn tears phone case!!!   

And this one too! 
Alright guys, don’t freak out, but fanny packs have been making a come back and this one‘s just so cute! (I never thought I would say that!)  

This onesie. That’s all I have to say.  

And now that we’re here, this pair of leggings 

And these sweatpants 

Are you a bold girl? This black lipstick will speak to you.

I’m not sure I can pull this off, but this white eyeliner is cool!

This nail polish I can pull off :)

More phone cases guys!  
 Why do people have to come up with the weirdest, most awesome purses?!  

This Bralette is so darling :)  

Jelly, jelly, jelly 

Again with the purses. Send help…. Don’t send it.


Middle of Week Faves

So I skipped an outfit post today… Oops! Don’t panic! There will be one tomorrow ;) plus a hair DIY! 

Anyway, onto today’s MoW Faves! 

These green shorts! And they’re on sale sooooo cheap!

These aren’t doc martens but they look like them… And they’re see through!   

Ears ring 

A cat coin purse!

 And a purse to go with it! 


In love with this graphic tee!


And these leggings!

 More cat stuff!

And unicorns!   

Sephora has this skin care set value of $74 for $25!   

*this post contains some affiliate links but the opinions are my own. I didn’t get paid to write this post.