Getting there

Dress: Cotton on | Shoes: Asos

So my hair is reaching my desired tones little by little. Right now it looks like a mixture of teal and purple… And maybe a bit of blue. I’m using overtone daily conditioners in light blue and light purple. I’m going to get the “go deep” in extreme turquoise and vibrant purple just to make it a bit more uniform because as you can see there are still some spots where the colors faded a bit more than others. I don’t mind that a whole lot but it would still be nice if I can somehow manage to get rid of the weird spots! 

Anyway! I’m loving my unicorn hair nonetheless :) And of course. I’ll post a full review of both conditioners once I’ve used them for a little longer for those of you rebels that want to dye your hair a crazy color! 

New hair

 Leggings: Cotton on | Top: PacSun | Bralette: Victoria’s Secret | Shoes: Dr Jays

So, I dyed my hair Aqua! I’ve been wanting to do this for quite a long time and it finally happened. I did tons of research and made sure I got the right products because I didn’t want to mess up! I’ve dyed my hair crazy pink in the past but it was only the bottom half so I was really scared about bleaching my entire head by myself. 

I was very surprised with the outcome! My hair didn’t break and it wasn’t orange… But then again, I stood right in front of the mirror the WHOLE time haha!

It won’t stay this color, though. My original idea was to get it to a purple-ish blue, so I thought an aqua base would be a great start to get me there. To accomplish that, I ordered two overtone daily conditioners, pastel blue and pastel purple. Once combined, I’m hoping they’ll give me the look I want, but I have high hopes because I’ve used their pink conditioner in the past and it worked wonders! Cross your fingers, people! :)

Messy rolls | Hair DIY 

This hair style is pretty much my #1 go-to when I’m going out and don’t have a ton of time to do anything fancy so I thought I’d show you guys how to do it. It only takes about 5 minutes and works for long and medium length.

It’s soooo super easy. You need:

– 4 bobby pins

-1 rubber band

-Hair spray (optional)

I don’t actually use hair spray for this but I would recommend using it if you’re going to be outdoors for a long time to make sure it stays in place.

Step 1: Take a chunk of hair from one side, roll it and secure it with a bobby pin.  

Step 2: Take a chunk of hair from the other side of your head, roll it  and secure it with a bobby pin. *As you can see, the bobby pin from roll #1 gets hidden by roll #2 

Step 3: Take a chunk of hair from below roll #1 and secure it with a bobby pin.   

Step 4: Take a chunk of hair from the opposite side of your head (below roll #2) and secure it with a bobby pin. *As you can see, the rolls end up hiding the bobby pins.  

Step 5: Take the extra hair and tie it with the rubber band, making a messy bun.   

 Step 6: Using your fingers, make your hair look messy (make sure you don’t destroy the rolls!). 

And voilà! You got yourself a new, feminine-but-messy look :)