A fail

Sometimes you put on an outfit and think “man, this outfit will come out great in pictures!”, and then you take the pictures and for some reason things just don’t work out! Yesterday was that day for me. I was even wearing my new favorite pair of shoes, cute black leggings, lipstick and all that good stuff… then the light was bad and I took pictures inside and outside the house and didn’t like any of them.

It sucked but I was actually surprised that it didn’t upset me like I thought it would. Maybe I was too comfortable in what I was wearing that it just didn’t matter all that much. Mat took me on a date and I was just happy to be with him. I was also happy with the way I looked! Which sometimes it can be a big deal to reach the “this is what I want to look like every day” look, and it happened yesterday, so I was fine :)

So because of that, I’m not scared to show you the goofball that I am in real life, and the blurry photos we took :)


 You’re welcome ;) Just promise me that next time you see your favorite bloggers/IG accounts and think “why can’t I be as perfect as they are?”, you’ll remember these photos and realize that all humans are far from perfect, and that even Barney Stinson can take a bad picture

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