My new Blythe doll Tracy

It has been WAY too long that I’ve wanted a Blythe doll. If you don’t know what they are, telling you their whole story would get too long but they’re basically collector’s dolls. Some people customize them and they can definitely get very expensive! You can find some cheap ones on eBay but they are most likely fake or not customized but if you look on etsy or other places you’ll find some for higher than $1,500! I definitely recommend to research a lot about them before making your purchase. Not all Blythe dolls on eBay are fake and not all customized ones are worth it.   

About two weeks ago, I finally found myself with enough savings to adopt one (aka pretty much a gift from Mat!… Thanks babe!). And after doing extensive research I found Tracy on etsy and immediately fell in love with her! She was customized by Spanish artist Cristina Quero.   

Waiting for her to come in the mail was torture!… But she actually got here really quickly considering she traveled all the way from Spain. She arrived wearing a little pink dress but I was lucky to get her clothes and her Vespa in the mail on the same day!   

Cristina did an amazing job on her. The details on the face, the carving, and the cleanliness of her work are impeccable! I am so happy I found her Etsy shop! If I ever want to get another Blythe doll I know I’ll check Cristina’s website before anyone else’s :)   

I decided to name her Tracy Waitforit Bellino (any how I met your mother fans out there??!) but we call her Sugar for short :D (I know, I’m one of those weird ladies that talk to dolls but I’m ok with that!). Now she even has her own Instagram account!