I’m Ana, a girl in her mid-twenties blogging about all that I love. The colors of Ana is my special place to share all my passions: fashion, tattoos, Blythe, photography, art, adventures, tea…

I’m a Blythe doll customizer, currently living in the DFW, Texas (but I am originally from Mexico) with my hot New Yorker (Mat).

On any given day I can be found scrolling through the Internet looking for shoes and clothing, reading comics or books on my tablet/kindle (always with a cup of tea by my side, of course), adventuring Dallas with Mat, collecting & customizing Blythe dolls, or working out.

I love all things cute and minimalist and I love to have fun and enjoy every day. Wanna be friends? Shoot me an email! :)

4 thoughts on “About

  1. ➸shei

    I love your minimalistic style of writing! It’s super cute like your blog. I just followed and can’t wait to hear more from you ana! Thanks for stopping at my blog, just Shei love.


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