blog hiatus

First of all I want to start by thanking those of you who stayed following me even though I haven’t posted in months! There were some major life changes happening and blogging was pushed to the bottom of the list of my priorities.

Also, when I started this blog I did it as an escape. We had just bought a house and neither of us were enjoying it. With the exception of having my best friend/love of my life by my side, I was escaping the fact that I was living somewhere I didn’t like, doing things that I didn’t like, and living a life that didn’t look at all how I expected my life to look like. I lived in a state of stress.

Needless to say, I gained 30lbs. I let go of myself so I started blogging blinded to the fact that I wasn’t myself anymore. I’m extremely fortunate to have Mat as my life partner. He’s helped me and has been there for me in ways that I’ve never seen or experienced before!


Now my existential storm has passed. We sold the house and made the changes that were necessary to have peace of mind. I feel so much better about who I am as an individual! I’ve lost the weight I gained by cutting out junk food and unhealthy snacks from my diet and I started to workout every day.

I am currently doing the PIIT28 challenge by Blogilates. This Friday will be my 14th day which is supposed to be the day I compare my first before & after photos, so I will be posting about it here, maybe some of you will be motivated to take on the challenge! *wink face*

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