Our new pet frogs: Taco and Pasta

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen this already, but I couldn’t pass the chance of showing you the whole thing.

It all started three years ago. I used to have a tomato frog that was basically the equivalent of a cat. Used to take it to the park and whatnot (no, not on a leash, don’t be silly… he had a traveling case). He passed away about a week or two after I met Mat and he told me one day we would get another frog. 

Anyway, fast forward to last Saturday when we woke up and said “let’s go get a frog today”, you know, usual Mat and Ana being impulsive. We went to PetCo that evening and got two brown Mantella froggies. Initially we were going to get only one but we didn’t want to separate them so we took both of them home. We got all the necessary stuff to build them a proper habitat, a terrarium, soil, moss, pool, climbing wall, heat lamp, humidifier, and an Ikea cabinet.  


We decided to name them Taco and Pasta. Mexican and Italian, like us! The guy at the store said they’re both male but we’re not 100% sure. After doing some research I found that females are bigger and more robust than males and Pasta is definitely bigger than Taco. One of them has been chirping (which means he wants a female, if you know what I mean), but up until now every time I get closer to see which one of them is the one chirping, he stops!!   

They eat small crickets (live), but they also like small waxworms which I have to let them try soon I guess. So far they look pretty happy in their new place, they also look like they get along just fine.    

 What I love about having frogs as pets is that you don’t have to be by their side every single moment, they eat when they want as long as you put some crickets in the terrarium, you don’t need to take them outside to go to the bathroom, and what’s better is that you can even go on trips without having to worry. We set up the heat lamp to come on and off automatically so the temperature is always right, and we also got the humidifier that comes on in cycles so you don’t have to do it manually either. It’s seriously so convenient and they’re simply adorable!   

I might keep posting more about frogs every now and then if you guys are interested, there’s so much to learn and they’re awesome to photograph!



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