Beauty comes from within

Hi all! 

It’s definitely been so crazy long since my last post. I’m coming back tho! I just needed a nice little break to adjust to my new job and all that stuff. 

Anyway, I got yet another tattoo today and a thought came to mind. I’ve never thought that I look ugly with tattoos, in fact, I feel like it was meant to be and that I look even better with them. It just feels more like “me.” But to other people? I probably look weird, abnormal, or even repulsive. 

I’ve gotten used to the looks and stares when I go places, especially if I’m with Mat (together we make this cool amalgam of tattoos haha!). The idea of looking different is ok. I’m not worried about “not fitting in”, or standing out. I have to admit that I’m a bit rebellious so I don’t even care what people think about the way I look. So this post is not about me venting about people thinking things of me. No, this post goes to all of us people who judge others. 

To many, I might look like a rebellious punk that would never set foot in a church, and they’re wrong. And on the other side of things, a guy with khakis, S Perry shoes and a polo might look like a “have it all together” person to me… and I might be wrong too.

So this is just a call to me and to everyone else, to be more kind to each other. To stop thinking ahead and making assumptions about people. Instead of jumping into judgment, let’s get to know each other and actually live like the tolerant, loving humans that God created us to be. Let’s be more like Jesus.


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