My first DressLink experience | Part 1

Ever since I found DressLink I had been very curious to order from them, so I was pretty excited when they contacted me to partner with them to share my favorite items from their shop! 

I decided to break it up in two posts to be able to focus a bit better on the clothing items they sent me.   

The first item is this adorable peachy sweater. I was extremely surprised at the quality, it’s so much better than expected! It’s heavy, warm, and very flattering!      

The cut of this sweater is just as cute as its texture and so easy to dress up or down. There’s so much to it and being that it’s really warm, I didn’t even need a jacket over it when I wore on my date night with Mat. I know this piece will definitely be one of my new go-to’s for the season!     

*Purse is from asos

**Sweater was provided by DressLink but all opinions are my own :)


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