Plaid for fall

So apparently Texas didn’t get the memo that it’s supposed to be fall already. But we have gotten a few amazing days here and there, like yesterday. I was able to wear a long sleeve button down AND a cardi over it! Unbelievable. I really wish it stayed like this all year round. 

Also, I realized I never smile on my outfit photos. Why? I really don’t know. It’s actually pretty weird since my confidence usually comes from my smile haha… So from now on you’ll be seeing more photos like these :)

I have so many things to share with you guys, including a “tour” of my vanity table, a post on some new tattoos (yes, more new tattoos!), and an exciting update on what’s going on in my life! Prepare yourselves :)

 Wearing: Francesca’s button down, boohoo jeans, Missguided shoes, loft cardigan  


9 thoughts on “Plaid for fall

  1. inconformista

    Seriously though! I’m here in Houston like “Why am I still sweating outside?” haha anyways I love this look, plaid is definitely the thing this fall!

    Btw, if you could help me out and check out my latest post about Esperanza that would be amazing!! I truly would appreciate it! Thank youuuu:)


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