End of Week Faves

You guys, I think this week’s list of favorites is so cool! I’ve been finding so much coolness on the Internet!

These shoes are so cool!  

This dress is darling, isn’t it?  

A unicorn cat brooch?! I just got a painting in the mail from the same artist and I love it! (I’ll show it soon!)  

Antlers as toothbrush holders! I must have this!  

These shoes remind me of a similar pair I used to have back in the day. I love them!  

This shirt!  

Macaron ring holders, you guys! These would look so pretty on my vanity (which I’ll show you this week!)  

I love this dress, it has bicycles all over it!  

A button down with dinosaur print. Dying.  

This trinket box is cuuuute! I’d love to have it by a window or something :)  

Have a great week! :)


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