How I help my tattoos heal properly

I meant to write about my new tattoo (thanks Cory!) earlier during the week but my hand was still very swollen to take pictures of it (I did post it on my IG, though). Then it occurred to me, I’ve never actually talked about tattoo care on my blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to use my newest ink addition as the perfect excuse to share how I help my tattoos heal properly and fast.  

Mat has way more tattoos than I do. In fact, he took me to get my first tattoo ever a couple of years ago while I was visiting him in New York. So he’s the one that taught me all I know about tattoo care (thanks babe!).   

After getting a tattoo, I always leave the bandages/plastic for a couple of hours, then I make sure I wash it with antibacterial soap for the first three or more days. It kind of burns on the first wash since it’s an open wound, but it’s an open wound worth taking care of! If you don’t want your tattoos to get infected, you should really do this. I wash the tattoo about three times a day – when I wake up, in the middle of the day, and before going to bed.  

Another important thing is to keep it moisturized. For the first three days I use an ointment (Aquaphor is the best), which I apply every time after washing it. This is an important step because otherwise the ink dries out and it’ll look like it wasn’t properly shaded/colored in some areas.  

Once those three days pass, I stop washing it three times a day and stop using the antibacterial soap and the ointment. Instead, I use my regular soap when I shower or in this case, since my new one is on my hand I wash it normally every time I wash my hands. And for the lotion I use my regular moisturizing lotion. 

One thing that I try not to do while my tattoos are in the healing process is movement! I try to keep that area as immobile as I can, that way the scabbing ink won’t crack and the tattoo will look its absolute best! This is even more important for knuckles and hands, since they’re some of the trickiest spots for tattoos and they tend to fade faster than other areas of the body.

Lastly: do not scratch! This is probably the worst phase for me, it feels like torture! The itching gets pretty rough but there’s a high risk of ruining the ink if you scratch it.   

Extra recommendation: Use your not-too-pretty bed sheets. Between possible bleeding and moisturizer, you can potentially ruin your bed sheets. So just keep that in mind :)


5 thoughts on “How I help my tattoos heal properly

  1. Raven Alixis

    Even though I don’t have tattoos, and want to get one in the future ( that is not happening I am waaaayyy to screamish but I won’t accept that yet) this was interesting. I seriously didn’t know there was so much that went into it and I feel so stupid atm lol. Good job on this post!!! I love your tattoos too!!


    1. anabellino

      Thanks! And yes, getting tattoos involves a lot! But it’s all worth it in the end :) Have you ever thought of numbing cream? I usually numb the area where I’m going to get a tattoo (it doesn’t work as good on me because my skin is way too sensitive but it does help for some time)! I highly recommend it if you don’t like pain :)

      Liked by 1 person

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