My favorite mascaras

I’ve used many types and brands of mascara, but I’m really happy to have found four that work best on me so I thought I’d share them with you all :)

First is the colossal chaotic waterproof mascara by maybelline. This mascara makes your eyelashes look really messy and funky. This is my go-to mascara for date nights or nights out (concerts and stuff like that).   

Another one that I really like is the voluminous miss manga eyes by l’oreal. This is the one that I use for day dates. It’s easy to use and it leaves your eyes looking like you have doll eyes! They also have another manga mascara that leaves your lashes spiky but I haven’t tried that one (have you? If so, how is it?).  

Next is this little buxom one. I got it as a reward at Sephora and now that I’m almost done with it I’m debating buying the normal size version because I like it a lot! At first I was hesitant to use it but it’s actually really nice. It feels really smooth when you’re applying it and it makes your eyelashes look longer.  

Lastly, my all time favorite: the Sephora collection outrageous volume. The name says it all folks. Your eyelashes will look outrageously long and voluminous! I found it while looking for a different mascara a long time ago and it’s become my makeup staple item. I simply love it and I highly recommend it!  

Comment with your favorite mascaras! I’d love to know what products you use :)

Also, some of you have asked me where to get the stuff I post about so I just wanted to point out that if you click on the item’s name, the link will take you directly to its website! :)


9 thoughts on “My favorite mascaras

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  2. Johanna

    I have the maybelline colossal chaotic mascara… like you I use it for nights out like concerts and stuff. During the day I use another one by maybelline… I’ve forgotten what it’s called though, but it’s in a green tube. I got them a few months ago on a 3 for 2 offer and fell in love with them!


  3. Gloria Alcala

    Hi Ana!

    My all time favorite is Lancome Definicils. Another great one is Almay One Coat Thickening. It’s cheap at it works so good! No clumping!


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