My first TONYMOLY experience

I’ve seen TONYMOLY products everywhere so I decided to give them a try. They always seemed so appealing – and adorable – that while I was at the mall yesterday, I got myself the hello bunny perfume bar and the panda dream brightening eye base.     

 I haven’t tried them yet, but I will today since I’m going to a concert with Mat and some friends tonight… So convenient! :P But I’ll tell you this: the bunny perfume smells like it came from a dream! Out of all the perfumes they had, I liked this one the best. It smells like roses, not like rose oil but rather like girly roses (if that makes sense haha)! 


Now I’m even eyeing this mask, this eyeliner, this sleeping mask, and this lip gloss in fuchsia!

They are incredibly cute and practical! I’m sure the bunny perfume is going to live in my purse :) … Unless Tracy steals it!! 


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