Anxiety Ana 

 T-shirt: Asos | Jeggings: Cotton on | Sneakers: Steve Madden | Purse: SheIn

You guys, last week was CRAZY. I got tattooed, then I got crazy weird anxiety, then my poor Mat got a virus, and then I just wanted to relax. So I did :)

Anxiety is a horrible monster. I’ve mentioned here before that I’ve dealt with stress in the past. And I don’t mean stress as in “I’m so stressed out today” but rather like “I’m so stressed out that my hair is falling off and I’ve stopped eating” kind of stress. Nightmar-ish! Seriously, don’t do that to yourselves. Ever.

And so it was no surprise to see that this past week I was having respiratory issues thanks to anxiety. Moving to Texas has been pretty shocking. I know this is where we should be for now but that doesn’t mean life will always be perfect just because you know you belong somewhere. 

So what helped against that anxiety, you ask? Realizing that I’m fine and that life is not perfect but it’s still really, really good. I am loved, I am accepted and I might not have everything I want or how I want it but I have everything I need and how I need it. God is good, you guys. 

I hope you have a fun Labor Day! Remember to relax and take things easy :) 


One thought on “Anxiety Ana 

  1. Oh, Chic!

    I totally understand this! I am a very anxious person too. It sounds weird but a coworker told me a tip that helps a lot- when you’re going to sleep concentrate on giving everyone who you encountered or worry about’s energy back to them. It sounds crazy but it’s helped me sleep a lot better!


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