My first lime crime experience

I discovered Lime Crime about a month ago and ever since then I had been eyeing their Cry Baby unicorn lipstick, which is a collab between them and Melanie Martinez and I finally got mine yesterday in the mail!

The package looked like a normal white packaging box but when I went to open it, I found a floral interior with yellow tissue paper. I love when brands do pretty packaging! Upon opening the box, I knew I had to take photos of it and tell you makeup enthusiasts all about it! 

The box included the lipstick plus a set of four temporary tattoos in the form of tears in honor of Melanie’s debut album.   

And you guys, the lipstick itself has a shiny unicorn on it! Lime Crime gets me! 

The color of the lipstick itself is so fun and funky. You definitely have to be a bold girl to wear it, otherwise you might feel kind of weird. I had been wanting more funky colored lipsticks since I got my black one, so this one is perfect!  

When I went to put it on I realized it actually smells so good! And it’s also really creamy, soft, and easy on your lips… unlike other lipsticks I own, which can be really dry and hard! 

I also used one of the temporary tattoos to show you how they look! I don’t know when or for what situations I’ll be using the other ones other than Melanie’s concert in October (I’m so excited I was lucky enough to to find tickets!) but they’re so fun!

Overall, Lime Crime is pretty cool! They also have nail polish, eye shadows, and other lip products

I’ll definitely be ordering more things from them in the future! Maybe a neutral lipstick or mint nail polish! :)


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