New hair

 Leggings: Cotton on | Top: PacSun | Bralette: Victoria’s Secret | Shoes: Dr Jays

So, I dyed my hair Aqua! I’ve been wanting to do this for quite a long time and it finally happened. I did tons of research and made sure I got the right products because I didn’t want to mess up! I’ve dyed my hair crazy pink in the past but it was only the bottom half so I was really scared about bleaching my entire head by myself. 

I was very surprised with the outcome! My hair didn’t break and it wasn’t orange… But then again, I stood right in front of the mirror the WHOLE time haha!

It won’t stay this color, though. My original idea was to get it to a purple-ish blue, so I thought an aqua base would be a great start to get me there. To accomplish that, I ordered two overtone daily conditioners, pastel blue and pastel purple. Once combined, I’m hoping they’ll give me the look I want, but I have high hopes because I’ve used their pink conditioner in the past and it worked wonders! Cross your fingers, people! :)


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