SheIn wish list

SheIn is definitely one of my favorite online stores. I could seriously spend some serious time scrolling through their pages picking cool items to add to my wish list! Some of these items are still part of my list and some of them are items that I recently got in the mail but I still wanted to share them! 

This wolf shirt is one of the items that I recently got from SheIn and I’ll be posting it an outfit very soon!

There’s just something about this t-shirt, maybe it’s the color combo? I love it! 

I’m still waiting for this purse but I can’t wait to style it! You all know how much of a sucker for novelty purses I am :)


It’s been so long since I bought a short sleeve button down, and this one is just darling!

How cute is this shirt?!


Alright, I’ve never worn creepers in my life, but these look very tempting. 

… Also! I’m not posting an outfit today… Because I didn’t take outfit photos yesterday… Because I spent the day dying my hair! I did it myself, so don’t judge me! :D But here’s a photo just so you guys don’t fall from your chair tomorrow when I post an outfit and you see I have weird colored hair:  


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