Shirt dress

 Shirt dress: Cotton on | Boots: Dr Martens | Tights: UniQlo

As you all know, I’m a really basic girl (except for my shoes and purses). I’m always looking for stores that sell basic clothing that I can easily pair with most of my shoes and accessories. Cotton on is one of them. They are really (like, really) affordable and great quality. 

We all tend to think that if it’s cheap, the quality sucks. Take F21, for example, I haven’t bought anything there in a while but whenever I do, I strategically hand pick items because I’ve had some bad experiences in the past. That hasn’t been the case with my cotton on clothes. I can go to their website and pick a ton of stuff and be happy with it months later. And like I said, your money goes a long way there (especially if you’re on a budget like I am). Definitely something to keep in mind next time you want to go shopping ;)

PS: thanks so much to those of you who followed me on Instagram! :) @thecolorsofana


6 thoughts on “Shirt dress

  1. Raven Alixis

    I try not to shop at forever 21 but it always drags me in haha but I will defiantly check out this store. If these clothes are just as cheap as you say I owe you!! Love this whole outfit BTW!! Sorry this was long….


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