Percolator | Nails DIY

I had planned a different nail DIY but some of the nails got ruined because I wasn’t patient and didn’t let them dry properly. So, I ended up creating a different look and I’m happier with it because the other one was too similar to last week’s. 

This look doesn’t require a lot of time and I’m simply in love with its simplicity!   

You need:

> White nail polish (or a light color that goes with black)

> Black nail pen

> Finish coat (optional but strongly recommended)  

> First, paint your nails white  
> Then grab the pen and draw circles on your nails. I drew them only in certain areas but you can fill the whole nail with circles for a funkier look!  

> Let dry for a while and then apply the finish coat. I strongly recommend using a finish coat when using the pen because it actually washes off really easy and messes everything up!   

And that’s it! It’s so easy and minimalistic. Perfect for when you don’t have a ton of time :)


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