Happy one month

Wow, I was going through the pages of my blog and I can’t believe how much I’ve done in a month. And better yet, I can’t believe how much support I’ve seen from you! 

Before I started, I did countless research on how to start a blog, when to start a blog, what to talk about, how to maintain it… the list goes on. During that time, I found really good advice, such as, “if you want to start a blog, don’t wait, just do it”, or “talk about what you like”. But as this month has passed, I’ve also learned some other things:

> Just start. That’s right people, if you want to start a new blog, simply do it. If you don’t do it now, eventually you’ll talk yourself out of it and then you will regret never giving it a shot. If you don’t have any planned posts yet, at least start by choosing a name and create an account on blogger or WordPress. I decided to go with WordPress because I personally like it better. You can add hashtags to your posts so other WordPress users will find you. It has plenty of themes to choose from and is extremely easy to use.   

> Be you. I’m sure you’ve read this one before. But what does it really mean to be you on the Internet? Well, see, I’m quirky and funky so I try to express that as best as I can through my blog. Even though sometimes I find inspiration through reading other blogs, I don’t go and copy them. Try to do your thing, because that’s the you your readers will appreciate. Find what makes you unique and different from other people and talk about it. 

> Don’t be in a rush. In other words, be patient. Hard, right? As hard as it is, do your best to be patient and don’t give up. It’s easy to be discouraged after scrolling through your feed and seeing all your favorite bloggers succeeding and you’re just sitting there with a 5 follower count. Well, most likely those bloggers have been doing that for years. They’ve been patient, so why can’t you? 

> Talk about what you know. Do you collect antiques? Clothes? Toys? Tattoos? Makeup? Is there anything that you’d like the world to know about yourself? Do you wish there was a blog about fill in the blank? Go do it!   

> Maintain it. Make some time during the day, maybe start with 30 min to an hour. Plan a couple of blog posts and start with posting at least two to three times a week if every day is not realistic for you. Readers love consistent bloggers and they’re most likely to stick around if they see that you post often.

> Have fun. That’s why you’re doing this anyway, right? Don’t get overwhelmed because you haven’t had a ton of views this week. Enjoy what you’re doing, experiment, and just have fun. If you find yourself being more stressed than excited, talk about that, some readers are so incredibly supportive that they’ll help you recharge your batteries with encouragement.

It’s only been a month, and I have so so much to keep learning. But I definitely am having so much fun writing this blog. It’s been a way to relax and experiment with my style, and what’s even better, I’ve found so many cool blogs to follow and made some relationships with other girls that like fashion! I seriously love connecting with all of you and I can’t thank you enough for that! :)


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