T-shirt: Mab Graves | Pants: Cotton on | Purse: Shop bananas (same one here-get 5% off with code MILKCOLORS) | Jellies: Missguided

I’m so excited that the jellies are coming back hard, you guys. They’re seriously so comfy and cool looking. Mat didn’t like them at first so he was hesitant about me buying them but now he’s bummed I didn’t get more in different colors haha! I’m sure I’ll be getting more in the future ;)

These blue ones go so well with pretty much everything in my closet and I love the fact that they’re matte instead of glossy.

… I also wanted to take a moment to thank you all for following my blog! The Colors of Ana turns a month tomorrow and I just can’t believe all the support I’ve received from you so far! Every time I get a follower or a like or comment I feel so encouraged to continue doing this. 

So, to celebrate, tomorrow I’ll be publishing a post on the things I’ve learned about blogging during this month and some tips on how to start your own blog :)


7 thoughts on “Jelly

  1. Gloria Alcala

    Jelly shoes bring back so many fond memories for me! I had several pairs in different colors when I was tween/teen.

    It’s great to so them making a come back!


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