My favorite social media apps

Im not on Facebook, not on Twitter, and not on Instagram. At least not anymore. I’ve had three Instagram accounts in the past and every time I got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. 

But, besides my blog, there are some other places where you can find me!

We Heart It

This is one of the places where I find inspiration for my photos. It’s also where I post all different kinds of photos, like this one of me and Mat holding hands.   

If you’re on we heart it you can find me there as @thecolorsofana


This is pretty much the place to post beauty photos. I usually post pictures of my nails the day before I post the full DIY on my blog. It’s pretty cool because you can also add the products that you used for a specific look so your followers know what to buy! 

This photo is an example of what you’ll be seeing on my sparkle profile. If I’m not doing anything too crazy to my nails and posting the full DIY here, I’ll do something very simple like this and post it on sparkle.  
My username is @thecolorsofana so go sign up and follow me for more beauty awesomeness! 


TizKKA is pretty much like Instagram, except that while IG is for photography, TizKKA is for fashion. You post a look and tag people to give you advice on how it looks and you can also tag the clothes you’re wearing. 

This app started a year ago and it’s definitely up and coming so go join now when it’s still somewhat new and find me as “Ana Bellino” :)  


Vinted is your place to buy and/or sell second hand clothing, shoes and accessories. I am actually selling some Coach purses that I don’t use anymore so go check me out! @thecolorsofana  


Again, fashion! You post a look and find inspiration from other people’s looks. The key to lookbook is to connect with other members by “hyping” their photos and commenting on them. I’ve also found so many cool people there! Actually, that’s where I found my two blog guests! Follow me as @thecolorsofana

And lastly, bloglovin and chictopia in which you can find me as @thecolorsofana (obviously) on both :) Both are awesome places to find bloggers and fashion ideas. They both have a shopping version where you can purchase trending clothes. 

So there you have it folks. If you’ve never heard of these apps before, now it’s the time to give them a try! Let me know if you follow me on any of them :) 


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