Day and night outfit | Guest post by Where is She Going

Today I’m so excited to share with you a collab with J from Where is She Going! Check out her post and go read her blog for more awesomeness (she’s seriously so cool!) and read the post I did on her blog! :)

Hi! I’m J and I run fashion and lifestyle blog I’m excited to take over Ana’s blog today to showcase the versatility of my new free people dress and how it can be worn, come day or night.  
A silky black maxi dress is probably not something you would ever think would make appropriate daywear, but the proof is in the pudding .Matched up with a statement Matador hat and buckled sandals, you would not look out of place going about town, shopping, eating, working or whatever you like to do in your daylight hours.
At night, switch out the hat for an elaborate headpiece, the sandals for some black wedges, add a metallic clutch and you’ll be party ready in no time!   

If you’d like to see more of my outfit posts, you can find me on Instagram @whereisshegoing or you can also head directly to my blog

Thanks Ana for the collab! I’m a huge fan of your style and the new pieces that I regularly find on your blog!

Until next time…

How cute is she?! And seriously, that headpiece rocks! :) 


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