Hello Love

Top: Me to we via PacSun | Pants: Cotton on | Sandals: Altar’d state | Wallet: Mango | Necklace: Cotton on 

There’s something about this top, I tell you. Every time I wear it I end up loving the photos. I guess it makes me feel confident? 

We found this cute bridge while looking for a place to shoot outfit photos and I’m in love! I love the darker tones thanks to all the trees, plus it was cloudy that day (super rare for Texas). 

Anyway, I’ve been asked by some of you to share the meaning of some of my tattoos so the first picture is very convenient ;)

I got both hands done back in New York. The “HOLA” one means hello and “AMOR” means love. I decided to go with hola because it’s always been a struggle for me to get myself out there and open up to people so it’s pretty much a reminder to take things easy and not worry too much about those things when I meet someone. And amor because it’s on the hand where I wear my wedding ring. I take my marriage seriously. I’m in for life no matter what happens! 

Do you have tattoos? If so, share them and their meaning in the comments! :) 


5 thoughts on “Hello Love

  1. The Sartorial Coquette

    beautiful!! i love the top but i love your tattoos even more :D
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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