Top: Cotton on | Leggings: H&M | Button down: Francesca’s | Alice necklace: Mab graves | Long necklace: Bukemina | Sneakers: Steve Madden 

I am so bummed, you guys! I was supposed to get the roses on my neck finished tomorrow and I had to cancel my appointment because I got sick! At first I thought I had a rash, then I thought it was chicken pox, now I’m back to thinking its a rash from stressing out! I don’t even know anymore but it does seem to be better than yesterday. Thankfully. 

Stress is the worst thing ever. I’ve gotten sick out of stress in the past when I was in college and it’s no fun. Right now I think my major reason to be stressed out is that we just moved to Texas six or seven months ago and we already know A LOT of people from our church and outside of the church but we dont really have friends. I have a couple of girls that I see every once in a while and I think our friendship is growing but it does take time. Especially for a deeply wounded person like me. 

This is such a huge patience and trust test from God and I’m trying to see the positives (which I do have A TON of positives in my life). But I guess sometimes even having positives that balance out the negatives, your body will still react and rebel and give you rashes and whatnot. Am I right? Gahh, I guess I’ll reschedule my tattoo appointment for next week! :)


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