End of Week Faves

Well, I’m a little behind outfit posts because this weekend has been a little crazy! But I have some cool posts planned for this week including a nail DIY for tomorrow! :)

Anyway, onto today’s EOW Faves!

How cool is this set of knuckle rings?! I love the fact that Trends gal has affordable jewelry!  

How cool is this thing??!  

These tights are sooo cute! 

This top is so adorable! 
 An owl purse!

 These shorts are so cute and summer-y! 


Missguided is having a crazy sale and this belt is only $6.67 U.S.! 


And these jelly sandals are only $1.67 U.S.! I got myself a matte blue ones last week and can’t wait to get them in the mail! 


Seriously, this purse is the coolest!  

The model is wearing this as a dress, but I’d definitely rock it with leggings and flats!  



4 thoughts on “End of Week Faves

  1. Gloria Alcala

    Another great post!

    I’ve been considering starting a blog about a new passion of mine. Can u share a few tips for beginners?


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