The most basic

Lately I’ve been in a very basic mood. I just want to wear sneakers and basic tees! And at the same time it feels like the rest of the world is doing the opposite. My feed is filled with bloggers that are trying way too hard. Wearing basics (like this outfit) and a statement piece (like the unicorn purse) is not a bad thing.

As bloggers… no, as women, we get too wrapped up with trying to look perfect or trying to look like other women (that we think look perfect) do. We see a style that we like and we do everything to copy that but we forget one simple thing: it looks really good on them but it might not look good on us. 

Girls, find your style. Explore it. And most importantly, don’t over do it! If you’re a blogger, don’t be scared of showing the world how good you look in jeans and a t-shirt or a skirt and sneakers, that’s so much better than wearing really high heels that make you look like you probably broke a leg right after the picture was taken. 


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