Pastel nails DIY

When I was younger I didn’t paint my nails a whole lot, but lately I’ve been getting into it. Thing is, I get bored of plain color really fast, so I though I’d come up with a fun design for my nails and share it with you guys. 
So for those of you who want their nails to look fun and funky, you need:

-2 to 3 different colors of nail polish 


-Scotch tape

-A tiny paint brush that you don’t care about

-A couple of tissues to clean the mess 

>Cut little triangles of tape and stick them on as many nails as you want   

>Paint the nails with the triangles one color and the rest of the nails with a different color of nail polish  

>Once the nails polish dries, remove the little triangles very carefully and clean the sides of your nails (just in case you’re messy like me!)  

>Grab the paint brush and go crazy with polka dots! 

 As you can see, I didn’t do exactly the same design on any of my nails. I just wanted to try something new. You can replicate exactly what I did or you can try new things as well! It’s really easy :)
…Oh, and don’t forget to wash your little paint brush with some nail polish remover so that it doesn’t get ruined!     



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