End of Week Faves #2

One more week, one more list of favorites!

How cute is this dress??

A flamingo skirt? Yes please!

Love these sunglasses! And they have them in different colors too ;)

I would not wear this corset by itself but I think it would look pretty under a tank top! 

These shorts!!

An egg purse???!!!! *insert crying face* (ENJOY 5% OFF WITH COUPON “MILKCOLORS” ) 

This anime eyes t-shirt rocks!! (ENJOY 5% OFF WITH COUPON “MILKCOLORS“)  

This wallet is just darling, isn’t it? (ENJOY 5% OF WITH COUPON “MILKCOLORS“)  

Cat tights, I need you in my life. (ENJOY 5% OFF WITH COUPON “MILKCOLORS“)  

And we continue with the novelty bags, people. This diet coke purse is just so cool! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

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*This post contains some affiliate links but the opinions are my own. I did not get paid to write this post. 


7 thoughts on “End of Week Faves #2

  1. Gloria Alcala

    Everything is awesome!! But that dress!! I gotta have it! And the egg purse! #dead

    You find the best stuff Ana!


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