Minimalist wardrobe pt. 1

Being a minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean that you only wear black and white clothes. It means that you do what you can with what you have, even if you don’t have much. 

I personally don’t have a ton of clothes, or jewelry or shoes (at least not compared to the average girl). But I always try my best to come up with new outfits even if money is short and I can’t buy new clothes.

Part of being a woman is that you’ll always want to look your best, therefore, when it comes to coming up with outfits you probably find yourself thinking “I don’t have anything to wear”. Well, it’s because of that reason that I decided to give you some tips that have worked for me :)

Jewelry. Don’t over do it. As simple as that. You don’t need to wear a necklace or a bracelet with every outfit. If you plan your outfit well, sometimes you won’t even need anything extra! If you buy too many accessories, you’ll find that most of the time you don’t wear 50% or more of what you own.    

These are some of my all time favorite necklaces. From charming Charlie, Mab Graves, Bukemina, yellow owl workshop, loft, and vintage.

Purses. I’m not a purse girl, really. I love funky bags but I don’t own a whole lot of them and sometimes I wish I didn’t have to carry a purse (sometimes I just put my card and drivers license in my husband’s wallet when we go out haha!). My advice is just to be practical when you buy a new purse, don’t go too big if you don’t need to. If it’s cute and it fits my cards and phone, it’s mine. 

Tops. Ok, I know I said being a minimalist doesn’t only mean that you wear all black and white. But I do own a lot of black and white… and grey. But honestly, an all-black wardrobe is not realistic for a girl that lives in Texas, so I’ve been trying to buy more colorful clothes lately. I prefer t-shirts or very simple tops over fancy blouses. I think that you can still look cute if you style a tee with jeans, cute flats and maybe a necklace, maybe.   

Hats. I don’t wear hats that often, but I do think that every girl should have at least one hat in her wardrobe. Don’t be intimidated by them. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking “I wish I could pull it off”, then let me tell you, you’ll never know if you can pull it off unless you try it! Just find the style that looks best with the shape of your face. I personally don’t think I can wear just any hat, that’s why I always think it twice and make sure it goes with my hair style and square-shaped face.  

Next week I’ll be posting part 2 of this and I’ll talk about shoes, bottoms and scarves :)


10 thoughts on “Minimalist wardrobe pt. 1

  1. Boutiquefull

    I love your style! I love how you make minimalists look super trendy and fashionable. I’m all about the girly and pretty look so seeing others styles is always inspiring!


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