Top: PacSun (similar) | Leggings: Forever 21 | Boots: Dr Martens | Unicorn: White faux taxidermy | Golden tree stump: Urban outfitters | End table: Handmade

So I stole another shirt from Mat’s wardrobe. Big deal! *insert mischievous smile*. 

I realized I’ve never taken outfit photos in my house so I decided to take advantage of lookbook’s contest (ps: find me on lookbook as thecolorsofana) #welcomehomelookbook and finally show you some pieces of my world!

That unicorn taxidermy hangs right above our bed. Yes, Mat likes it too. And yes, it’s fake… we’re not into killing the unicorns *laughs*. And that golden tree stump is made out of resin and it’s my night table and I love it! I’ll have to show you guys a photo of our bedroom because you’re probably thinking we’re weirdos by now haha. I guess we are.

The wood table with pipes as legs is an end table in our living room. It was hand made by a local artist and owner of a coffee shop in the area. He also made our dining table and coffee table and we absolutely love them. He killed it! 

Now I’m off to pick a photo for the contest! Any suggestions? :)


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