Casual by BlueeLand -guest post-

I’m so excited to have Maryem from BlueeLand as a blog guest today! 


Hey everyone! My name’s Maryem, I’m the writer of BlueeLand blog. It’s with a big pleasure today that I’m having a collaboration blog post with Ana.

I have such an obsession about the color blue, that’s where the name of my blog comes from. I share posts about fashion, makeup and I review mostly skin care products.

So for today’s outfit, I’m wearing a shirt from pull&bear, I like the fact that it is cropped and loose. I paired it with black leggings from mango. I think there should be a balance in clothing. When I wear a baggy shirt, I contrast that with a tight bottom.I recently got this nice pair of shoes from American eagle. What I love most about these shoes is the crochet design that makes the outfit casual and feminine at the same time. I can wear them with pretty much anything. 


For the accessories, I chose my favourite chunky gold necklace from Urban outfitters that I got on sale for 12 euros. Honestly, I think it’s pretty expensive to put such a price on a jewellery. I remember that day I went to gallery Lafayette in Paris, and I saw the necklace was 50 or 70% off and I knew I would wear it a lot, so I thought that I had to buy it. The cashier wasn’t that nice, I think it’s because I only bought one single item on sale. While you all know how urban outfitters is expensive, plus the type of clothes they had at that time was not my style at all.

Anyways, let me tell you more about my self. I’m so simple, I don’t have that many bright colors in my closet. Most of my clothes are blue, grey, black or white. I’m aware that I can’t always follow trends, because I think we should wear what suits us and what makes us comfortable. Also I believe in investing money in timeless items like a nice leather jacket, a nice watch and a nice black dress. 

In the end I would love to thank Ana and I wish her all the best.
M Y B L O G :
Thank you all for reading, 

So there you have it! Go check out Maryam’s blog to see my guest post! I absolutely love her blog! :)


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