10 vintage style bags for less than $10

The title says it all, girls! They’re not just cute and vintage-y looking, no, they’re also less than $10 dollars! Go get your shopping on! ;)

This one is in all honesty one of my faves!   
And this backpack is just perfect for travels. I’ve been wanting one for our iPads and stuff like that when we go on road trips. This might be it! 

Or maybe this one?

Isn’t this one so cute and girly? 


This one also looks like it would be good for travels, don’t you think?  
There’s something about the color of this bag, I just like it! 

The color of this one is fun too! Nothing like funky, different, out of the box purses, right?
I mean, this one is mint. I love mint!

This one is just simple and cute and yet it’s still holds the vintage look. 

And this bag? Yes please! Pretty much the epidemy of what a vintage bag should look like. 
*This post contains affiliate links but the opinions are my own. I did not get paid to write this post.


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