End of week favorites

Lately I’ve found the coolest stuff ever! So I decided to create a new blog category: EOW Faves (End of Week Favorites), which will be complemented by another new category: MOW Faves (Middle of Week Favorites). 

Basically, every Sunday and every Tuesday you’ll be able to come to the blog expecting to see some pretty awesome stuff, from clothes to lifestyle to makeup to hobbies, but don’t worry, it will only be stuff that I highly recommend and that is relevant to my blog ;)

I will still share the occasional “wish list” post, but EOW & MOW Faves are a way to keep everything organized here and give some structure to the blog and my schedule *insert self high five for being organized*. 

Oh, did I mention that these posts might contain special deals for you every once in a while? Yup! I’m in the process of partnering with some of my absolute favorite brands so every now and then I’ll be giving you special coupon codes that they give me just for you.*

So having said that, let’s move on to today’s EOW Faves! I recently discovered Milk Club, which is an online store where you’ll find the cutest clothing, shoes and accessories at good prices. 

Because I still am in t-shirt mode, how cool are these?!  

And this one!!  

Ok I think we should all get some jelly shoes. Like asap!  

And because I’m a sucker for crazy cool phone cases, this totoro one is no exception!


* Disclaimer: Some of the products I share on my blog contain affiliate links, meaning that every now and then I’ll be able to make a few pennies thanks to that (Please note: very few pennies). I would still never share anything that I don’t like or that I don’t consider relevant for my beloved readers. 


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