Dino t- shirt: Mab Graves | Tights: UniQlo | Unicorn clutch: Shop Bananas | Sunglasses: Zara | Watch: Jolli time

I know, I know, another t-shirt? Yes. I’ve been in such a t-shirt mode lately. It’s bad, I’ve already found so many that I want! Anyway, I really love this Dino shirt not only because it’s cool but because that Dino was drawn by one of my favorite artists, Mab Graves. Her art is so cute and dreamy, if you’re an art lover like me then you should totally check out her etsy store. Oh, and that watch? Jolli time has some cool stuff man! You can customize your watch any way you want. I went for some girly cutesy colors like pink and purple but next time I want something more basic like an all white or black. 

Also, yes, I do have a Kermit tattoo on my arm. Frogs are one of my favorite animals. I even had a pet frog once! You can go ahead and call me weird haha.

…Hey, those colorful buildings in the background look like cardboard, don’t you think? Well, they’re not. They’re actually little homes that we found back in January when we moved to Texas. I’m so glad they’re only about ten minutes away from our house because they make awesome picture backgrounds! 


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