Good habits. Bad habits

I recently started working out because I noticed my tummy was getting a bit bigger *insert grumpy face here*. I’m not great at working out at home but I’m doing my best (even though I have skipped a couple of days here and there. Oops!). Anyway, the whole exercise thing got me thinking of the good and bad things I do (or used to do) to keep healthy. 

Drink water. One thing I try to do through the day is to drink water. It might not sound too appealing but it’s actually really good for you. Plus, if you add some mint leaves and a couple of cucumber slices in a mason jar with a swirly straw like I do, you got yourself a new favorite drink. Try it and thank me later ;)

Give yourself a break from nail polish. Yup, you read it right. I know it looks pretty but your nails need a break from nail polish every once in a while. I’ve noticed this from personal experience. If I don’t do this, my nails start looking dehydrated and dry.   

Get some sleep. This is something I’m still working on! I usually sleep all through the night with no issues, but I tend to go to sleep really late. Not having a set sleeping schedule sometimes throws my body into a weird funk and I even get grumpy throughout the day. Sound familiar?

Wash your jeans. A clean body is a healthy body. I know the new trend is to not wash your jeans so that they get broken in in a really cool way and I’ve read that some people wash their jeans only once or twice a year. A YEAR! Come on girls, that’s just wrong.

Floss. Every night. The mouth is the part of the human body that creates the most bacteria. And the most bacterial growth happens during the night, so imagine leaving food between your teeth while you’re asleep. You’re just making it easy for those microscopic beings to invade you.

Remove makeup before bed. Let’s face it, your makeup is probably already blocking your pores, so if you don’t remove it before bed, your skin can break out.   

So there you have it girls, all these tips are based on my own personal experience (Except the jeans one!!). It’s really not that hard to do them, I’ve heard that you can create or get rid of a habit in 30 days. So give these tips a try for a month and let me know how it goes! :)


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