Just Fab

Truth is, I’m super into shoes. I’m a sucker for funky and out of the box styles. Recently I was checking out truelane.co and Chelsea was wearing the cutest ankle boots! I, of course, fell in love with them and had to find out where to buy them. The link took me to justfab.com. A website where you can find clothing, bags, accessories and shoes. They have a VIP program too, so if you sign up they usually give you a $10 discount on everything. For example, those boots were $49.99 but if you’re a VIP member they’re only $39.99! The way it works is pretty cool: every month they pick some items for you based on a quiz you take when you sign up so you have your own “boutique”. If you don’t want to make a purchase that month you simply click on “skip this month” between the 1st- 5th day and they won’t charge your card. Otherwise they’ll charge you $39.99 and you can go ahead and make a purchase. If you don’t want to make a purchase but still want to get charged, that money will roll for next month, in other words, the following month you’ll have about $80 worth of store credit. I’m on a budget (smart, right?) so I’ll be skipping some months here and there, that way I don’t get charged, but I’ll keep browsing for cool stuff and buy it once I’m ready. 

Also (hold on to your seats), when you sign up to be a VIP member they give you your first pair of shoes for $10.00! Yes, you read it correctly. I got those awesome booties for only $10 *insert crying out of happiness face here*. I’ll be sharing some outfit photos wearing them once they arrive in the mail.


*Disclaimer: justfab.com did not pay me for writing this post. I’m sharing it because I think their site is pretty cool. 


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